Antelmo Studio

BSS Challenge

Every week when we are not busy, (now that we are busy we do
it every few weeks and sometimes monthly) we have a
BSS Challege at work, something to keep developing the skills :)
There is a theme and you draw what ever we want on the theme,
here are my past entries, some better that others.

Theme: Deep Sea

Tittle: Dead Sea

Theme: On the way to work I saw…
Tittle: Giant monster, planes, brick igloo, flying saucers and more crazy stuff!!!<body> <iframe src=”” height=”30px” width=”100%” marginwidth=”0″ marginheight=”0″ scrolling=”no” id=”navbar-iframe” frameborder=”0″></iframe> <div id=”space-for-ie”></div>

Theme: Dragons
Tittle: Got Salt?

Theme: Roxie
Tittle: Dance

Theme: Starwars
Tittle: Anakin

Theme: The Wild West
Tittle: The Train

Anyway in the last 5 month here at BSS I have learned so much.
Be a polymath, that is what I say, till next time.

Posted in Blog, BSS Challenge on June 22, 2007.