Antelmo Studio

El Salvador

  • TC_ Capitan Corriente

    I wish there were toys of these characters,they are so fun. I keep talking about my stay in El Salvador, so you are probably are tired of me mentitoning it. Anyway just a month ago, the Thomas Corriente commercials we where working on there, got released. There are 13 1 min educational shorts, for [...]

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  • Godzilla

    This past weekend I did a Flash/AfterEffects animationfor a friend. My animation is going to be projected on the screen of the Tv that kids are watching. The the image on the TV is then going to go out, and the short film is going to start. Alright, I like the way Flash draws, but [...]

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  • EL SALVADOR- Golden Camaleon

    I either been busy or lazy take your pick I have had the permission to publish this for a while, but I was waiting for the release of the animated shorts so I could just post all the El Salvador work, but alas that has not happened so I now give you the Golden commercial. [...]

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  • How does one get to Blue Sky?

    I took a plane, but it was mostly luck. The events that lead to it are as fallow. I will start from July because that is when I last posted. July-Finished work as a Character Finaller in Barnyard the movie and then needing a break from it all and some R&R, I decited to help [...]

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