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  • Big Idea

    “No one goes to Hollywood with the intention of making a bad movie.”Harvey Harrison, a professor in my college, once told the class. Hollywood wants to make marketable films and they want them to be big, hence the Big Idea concepts were developed. These are stories that can be summarized in a sentence but are [...]

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  • Rain, Lightning and Thunder.

    Soccer in the rain Our company has a soccer team and this week we played against IBM. Not only was this my first game with the team, due to my schedule, but we had to play it in the rain, which was so awesome. Every so often the skies would fire flashes and cheer us [...]

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  • Weird Month

    Just the way I been feeling lately

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  • Life is Silly.

    This post has no images due to the fact that I am writing from my laptop, which I have reformatted recently. With that, I thought I would write the highlight of my weekend, simply because I can’t fall a sleep. I been taking classes in the city to enrich the soul and the mind, and [...]

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  • How does one get to Blue Sky?

    I took a plane, but it was mostly luck. The events that lead to it are as fallow. I will start from July because that is when I last posted. July-Finished work as a Character Finaller in Barnyard the movie and then needing a break from it all and some R&R, I decited to help [...]

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