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  • TC_ Capitan Corriente

    I wish there were toys of these characters,they are so fun. I keep talking about my stay in El Salvador, so you are probably are tired of me mentitoning it. Anyway just a month ago, the Thomas Corriente commercials we where working on there, got released. There are 13 1 min educational shorts, for [...]

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  • BSS Challenge

    Every week when we are not busy, (now that we are busy we do it every few weeks and sometimes monthly) we have a BSS Challege at work, something to keep developing the skills There is a theme and you draw what ever we want on the theme, here are my past entries, some [...]

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  • H2O Color

    I been trying a new thing, sketching with pen and then using watercolor to add the hue.I like the results may people get so I decided to try it. Second day I ever tryed sketching and watercolor.Left: Central Park Right: Church and Train I got stuck in the airport last weekend, for 8 hours in [...]

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  • Portraits

    Chuck Jones once said that the easiest way to lose a friend was to draw his/her portrait.I like my friends and the truth is, I don’t want to lose them. I once heard that a good exercise was to draw a portrait a day and for the reason previously stated and because I don’t have [...]

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  • Sunset

    It does not matter how much you know or how much you think you know, there is always room to grow in this industry. This moving logo was done for a church affiliated company in California. It is meant to establish the identity for a series that touches on abuse. For me it was challenging [...]

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