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  • Work Ahead ?

    So I love work right?And the people are great? No? so I decided to draw them I was learning a new technique so in order of appearance. “If you want to keep your friends, never draw their portraits “Chuck JonesBryan Tridip Jake Me Ike Inna And so no one feels left out, Mel and Gareth. [...]

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  • Life is for the birds

    I started to paint in photoshop, I guess mainly because the Big Boys here do it. It is not very active but I guess I was learning technique I like it.

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  • Learning to Paint

    SHHHHHH!!!This one is a secret There was a charm in the fallowing sketch that I lost once I did a water color version of it. But I believe I learned something. The sketch on the left is from the laundry mat.

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  • The Confessional (sketchbook)

    There is not much to report,been doing a lot of drawing , here are a few drawings from the train, laundry mat,Church and park. I was doing monkey studies from google images, char design inspiration.I apologize to those that feel drawing from pictures is not pure art. That is all until next time.

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  • Horton Hears A Who

    The preview for the movie we are currently working on (Horton Hears A Who), is finally here. I am excited about it because it plays in front of all the screenings of The Simpsons Movie, and because I did the set dressing for the last 5 jungle shots, after the Jim Carrey tittle card. Oh [...]

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