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  • Drawing Lecture

    Today we had a drawing lecture by Willie Realat BSS figure drawing. is an awesome designer. He are some sketches, they look nothing like him, but alas. Also added some old watercolors. Thanks

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  • Busy

    Horton has been out for a almost a month, and I have been supperbusy on the next movie, hint it is the trailer at the beginning of Horton.It is sad to say that other than figure drawing I have not done much art.I will attribute that to school and work. Anyway I was cleaning the [...]

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  • LOVE

    BSS Challenge Remember when girls where icky? Happy V Day

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  • Traveling

    I can honestly say i don’t enjoy traveling. I mean the part in the middle to and from the destination.Going from coast to cast is exhausting and makes my ears hurt Here are some sketches from JFK and LAX. JFK LAX LAX That is it for today.

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  • The City

    Ah the city. I love everything about it, I wish I could afford it, so I could move in. But alas these are drawings from the city. The piano man from Church. Sketches from Battery Park This is a long story but lest just say he can’t find a cab.

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