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  • The Sanguine

    Plato once wrote or THE FOUR TEMPERAMENTS, Sanguine being the extrovert, talker and optimist.I am not sure when it happened or how I evolved to be that, but deep inside, in the darkness of my soul, I still feel like the perfect melancholy, the introvert, the thinker, the pessimist Anyway the reason I am talking [...]

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  • The Rock

    I was at church and when I closed my eyes for one of those pray, mediation or reflection times and I saw this image. What you don’t day dream at church ? Alright throw the first stone. I am not sure if I like my rendering as always I tend to like sketches better. After [...]

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  • Big Idea

    “No one goes to Hollywood with the intention of making a bad movie.”Harvey Harrison, a professor in my college, once told the class. Hollywood wants to make marketable films and they want them to be big, hence the Big Idea concepts were developed. These are stories that can be summarized in a sentence but are [...]

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  • It has been a long week and it is only Tuesday!!!

    Beating the clock, that is all we do sometimes.I am now working on the next movie and although it is wicked cool, we find ourselves trying to meet deadlines and working over drive only to realize that the fun, the reason we make movies or work on them, has dimmed down. But I guess that [...]

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  • Rain, Lightning and Thunder.

    Soccer in the rain Our company has a soccer team and this week we played against IBM. Not only was this my first game with the team, due to my schedule, but we had to play it in the rain, which was so awesome. Every so often the skies would fire flashes and cheer us [...]

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