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  • Drawings from the street

    I have been stuck in my room for 90% of this week going over endless amounts of tutorials, and although I should be animating for the reel, I love the process of leaning something new. Here are a few sketches from the free world. I was grabbing lunch, and I had a pad.Which was given [...]

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  • The Illustration

    I made this sketch about a year ago when I was working on the book. Nature facinates me and a child dancing in the middle of a grassy field, enjoying the quite time, is as close to nature one can be. This is what the first sketch looked like, and it was about that size. [...]

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  • Business Card

    The end of my contract with the movie is coming and the idea of using the same old business card seems lame to me. Especially since when I was in college I had four types of business cards. With that in mind I set out to re_design my cards. Ivaylo, my artsy friend, suggested for [...]

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  • Sketches

    Aww, How I miss sketching. There is nothing like putting markings on paper. Here are a few more sketches I did on my breaks. I love the mountains I wanted to polish this, but liked the way it looked rough, it captured the mood.

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  • Rough Sketching

    Sketches I have not been here for a while and I am sorry. In the past month I have been busy, I took a trip to Mexico and been working a lot on my reel. 2 images ( the first 2) keep coming back to my head from the trip. So I sketched them. Each [...]

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