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Hi Everyone – sorry it’s been long time since I’ve updated. I been doing a lot of photography,  but I’ve recently been inspired by the works of this jeweler, designer and sculptor whom I recently met – Enrico Mazzon. He was born in Milan, Italy and has worked all over the country, mainly Siena. With some international success in Japan and Thailand, he’s now trying to conquer New York to become a leading jewelry designer – let’s welcome him to the rat race!

We’ve vowed to do a shoot with some of his pieces, but for now, here are some of my favorite pieces (see more at


1. Grape Leaves Necklace:

“This is the first grape leaves necklace I did and turned out to be my first commercially successful product. As more people would order and customize it, the piece eventually evolved from a silver string of leaves into my signature statement piece – the gold grape leaves. I sold more than 30 or so in one year.”

Retail rate: $7,000

2. Etruscan Bracelet

So the green metal are actually roman coins and the gold is Etruscan design.  “Although many people think of Rome and the Roman people when they think of Italy, the Etruscan people were thriving before and the Italian jewelry culture actually began from them.  And the Etruscan art is one of the best because it’s a kind of ethnic jewelry that is still contemporary.”

Retail rate: $10,000

3. Flowers a la Matrix Natura (2008)



“This was a sculpture made for an exhibition entitled ‘Matrix Natura’ by Arte&Arte. The silk threads highlight how individual pieces can make something greater and also our interconnectedness with nature.”